Primary Objective

ICCMO members bring a high level of integrity, compassion, and objectivity in the care of their patients and the organization is committed to the following:

To encourage our members to help alleviate the suffering of those persons afflicted with temporomandibular disorders (TMJ/TMD), a form of head and neck pain and dysfunction.


To encourage study of the anatomy, physiology, biophysics, and pathology of the human neuromuscular system.

To develop research and educational programs that will identify and define the principles of neuromuscular dentistry through programs at universities, dental organizations together with scientific publications in peer-reviewed medical and dental journals. Textbooks on TMD have been authored by ICCMO members and published in the US, Japan, and Italy.

To teach dentists and allied professionals how the principles of neuromuscular dentistry are applicable to the treatment of malocclusion, dental restoration and the various pathological conditions of headache, sleep apnea, temporomandibular dysfunction, and head and neck postural dysfunction.

To actively endeavor to maintain “Freedom of Practice” for all of the College’s members enabling them to practice in accordance with their professional expertise, license and the needs and desires of each patient. North American ICCMO members have made presentations proving the validity of neuromuscular dental principles and practices before the ADA, USFDA, and NIDCR (NIH). Similar activities have transpired in Europe, Japan, and South America.